Bill Bailey at the O2 Apollo

On Friday night, hubs and I went on our first date in some time. I’d bagged us tickets to see comedian Bill Bailey live last year, and we’d been looking forward to it ever since. Mr Bailey did not disappoint.

The Apollo Theatre is a little dated as venues go. It’s pretty small and the seats aren’t overly comfy, but honestly I didn’t care that much once the show started.

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Even though I’m used to meeting famous people, I still find something a bit weird in that first moment of seeing them, especially when they’re “on the job” as it were. I think it’s a niggling question as to whether they’ll be as good in real life (such as a performance is) as they are on TV.

Bill’s comedy, for those that have never seen him, is an odd, stream-of-consciousness sort of thing with intervals of music. He’s a very talented musician – one of those annoying people that can play anything they lay their hands on – and probably best known for being on Never Mind the Buzzcocks. There’s a ton of clips on YouTube if you’ve curious.

We had everything for sharply-made observations on politics to weird family moments, and a pop quiz on the history of the knock knock joke. A brief but idiotically funny impression of a certain US president. Musings on the power of music…

Music is the butter on the crumpet of your soul

…teaching the audience to sing “You Are My Sunshine” in German, and calling Ed Sheeran a “busking Furby” which made me laugh so hard I nearly had an asthma attack. (I’m SO not a Sheeran fan. Apologies to those that are.)

There was obviously a script, but Bill does encourage audience participation and that doesn’t always go to plan. He got a couple of responses that slightly flummoxed him, including one so out of the blue that the rest of us just collapsed. I still haven’t figured out why the opening lines of “God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen” made someone shriek like a hyena.

It being Bill, there was lots of music, and let’s not forget the bird references. The stage saw a generous array of instruments from normal things like the piano and guitars to a pan drum and theremin. As an encore, a table was brought on stage loaded with chromatically tuned bells, which Bill used to play a medley of rock songs. As you do.

Hubs and I absolutely loved the evening and I’d definitely buy tickets to Bill’s next tour if finances allow. We’ve also decided that we need to get out more as a couple. I’ve my eyes on a couple of Groupon deals – marvellous for dating on a budget!

8 thoughts on “Bill Bailey at the O2 Apollo

  1. I do love Bill Bailey, I’ve not seen him live before though. I’ve just checked and he’s not over my area until June. I may treat me and the hubby to tickets 🙂
    Glad you had a great evening.

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