Bolton Comic Con

Today, me and Mel meandered over to the Macron Stadium for Bolton Comic Con. I’ve done a few conventions now, so I know what I’m about – comfy footwear, small bag for phone, purse and tissues, and light clothing because convention halls get hot.

Or not; it was so cold! I’m pretty sure they had the air con was on, though I’ve no idea of this was down to the stadium staff or the convention organisers. Either way, it’s not good to leave your guest of honour freezing. It was less Andrew Lee Potts and more Andrew Lee Popsicle.

He was very sweet, though, and eager to chat given the lack of morning rush. He asked Mel if she preferred Primeval or Alice. I couldn’t decide as their genres are too different, and I love them both for different reasons. That said, the photo I chose for his autograph was from Primeval, so maybe it just edges Alice out. *shrug*

We didn’t chat about Wireless, which I kind of regret, but we did spend a good five minutes geeking out about Star Trek Discovery. However this wasn’t the most Con thing that happened – that credit goes to the black Elvis puppeteering a Kermit The Frog armed with a lightsaber. Yes, really.

Due to the cold, Mel and I didn’t stay long enough to watch the cosplay competition. However, my winner – aside from the 5-year-old boy dressed as Woody – was this person in an AT-ST “outfit”. Most of the con-goers were in cosplay, making me feel quite under-dressed! Maybe I ought to look into a costume…

So what did I buy? There were lots of stalls with some tempting geekery, plus one selling some very tempting fudge. Lots of Funko Pops, but the prices were a bit high. In the end, I succumbed to the squishiness of Itty Bittys of Han and Leia.

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