I finished my cocoon shrug!

I’ve been downsizing my yarn stash by crocheting without buying yarn as much as possible. The only time I’ve bought is where I’ve needed an extra ball of a particular yarn.

My stash includes loads of James C Brett Woodlander, and I’ve been meaning to make something from it for ages. So when I came across this pattern for a cocoon sweater (it’s a shrug) I decided to hook one up.

The filet stitch makes the shrug light and airy, while the 25% wool contain of Woodlander adds warmth. This makes the shrug perfect for spring/autumn, when the temperature is cool but not so cold I want to put on a jumper.

It’s also a fairly quick make. I hooked along to rewatches of Doctor Who on iPlayer and Netflix, so going on the episodes I know I watches, I reckon it’s taken about 10 hours. (There’s something very meta about measuring time via a TV show about a time traveller!)

What do you think? *twirls*

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  1. Lisa's Notebook says:

    I’ve knitted a few things in my time but I’ve never tried crochet before, it looks too hard! So I’m very impressed with what you’ve created, it’s fantastic 🙂

    Lisa |

  2. I think it’s so amazing that you can make your own clothes. It’s a skill I’d love to have. This looks amazing! x


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