Life on hold

Life on hold

This isn’t what I’d planned to post today. My Revolution Beauty NYE Advent Calendar review will have to wait for another day. A day I can’t nominate as yet.

My life is on hold, and so is my blog.

Three days ago, my husband and I were excitedly drawing up plans for the new year. Plans that involved me getting my full motorbike licence and us starting a business together. We’d even talked about a holiday in April 2020 for our 25th wedding anniversary.

On Sunday, I bagged myself a pair of binoculars on Freecycle and asked H to pick them up for me. Mel chose to go along for the ride. It was 3 in the afternoon on a dry but grey day. Seconds after he’d left, my eldest lad ran in saying he’d come off.

I dashed to the scene. I couldn’t for the life of me figure out what had happened. But that didn’t matter – what concerned me was that H was unconscious… and remained that way.

The ambulances arrived and took them both to Salford Royal A&E. As Mel was conscious, I travelled with H. He’d come round a bit, but was very confused and not particularly responsive. At hospital, I was allowed to see Mel fairly early on. She was battered and bruised, but her scan came back clear and she was discharged.

Talking to her about what happened, she said the back wheel had slid out. The road where the accident occurred is straight. There’d been a parked car but no other traffic. H is an experienced rider. It didn’t make sense.

Then the neurologist arrived, and it became awfully clear.

H had had a stroke. I was in shock – I knew he’d a bleed on the brain, but thought it due to the accident. Turned out that tit had been the cause. The neurologist was worried. H had deteriorated rapidly on arriving at the hospital, requiring a second scan, and things were not good.

He was incubated and sedated to give his swelling brain chance to recover. He went to surgery for a shunt to drain excess fluid and a screw to relieve the pressure building up around his brain.

I was told to except the worse, and spend hours in the waiting room, sick with worry and stress.

Now I’m in limbo.

H is in intensive care. His stats yesterday were much better than Sunday night, as was his colour. But he remains in a critical state. Today was meant to be a mini-party, but that’s not happening. All our plans are suspended, as I’ve no idea how bad his brain has been damaged, just that it has been. I think I’d be better if I could make contingency plans, but until he’s stable enough to wean off the sedation, not even the neurologist can tell exactly what’s been hit. How badly it’s effected.

This means I won’t be posting any of my planned content for a while. I’ll not be doing much of anything apart from looking after my kids, the house, and myself. Playing a long waiting game and hoping to God that H pulls out of this okay.

Please bear with.

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