March Pop In A Box

I have been dying to get into Funko Pops! for ages, but the sheer scale of their ranges left me at a loss as where to start. Then I discovered Pop In A Box* and my problem was solved – I’d just have someone make the impossible choice for me! My box arrived today and this is what I got.

Dancing Groot!

I’m a huge fan of Guardians of the Galaxy, and Baby Groot is just absolutely adorable, so I’m well chuffed that he’s my very first Pop! Look at him! Isn’t just the sweetest thing ever? His head is on a spring so it wobbles if I touch him. It looks like he’s dancing.

PIAB offer several subscription offers depending on what you want to collect. I went for the classic subscription as that includes every fandom that Funko currently produces. Since my tastes are very wide-ranging – my wishlist includes Marvel, Disney, and Henson – this is the best option for me.

* affiliate link – clicking this link can earn me a little money,
though it does not change the cost for you.

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