March Spreads

March Spreads

After figuring out that Monday – Friday spreads didn’t work for me since my weeks ‘start’ on a Friday, I have truly fallen in love with bullet journaling. My weeklies still aren’t very full, but I love tracking the weather and daylight hours.

The featured image shows the last page of February – with my Beauty and the Beast inspired entry for @journalingyourway challenge – and a Dutch door flap to welcome March. My theme for the month is Spring flowers; tulips and daffodils.

The back of the Dutch door has my writing tracker, with the first proper page dedicated to the #CraftBlogClub Twitter chat. This is one of the highlights of my week and the folks on the hashtag have been so supportive, that I have to include this page in my monthlies!

The next few double pages are given over to my weeklies. The first three weeks feature tulips, with the remainder of the month given over to daffodils. As mentioned, my weeks run from Fridays as that’s when I get paid, plan my meals, and do the bulk of my weekly shop.

My last page is given over to another inspirational quote. My artwork isn’t the best – and yes, I did spell “beautiful” wrong – but I find these pages fun to make and fabulous for my mental health.

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