S2.E7 Light and Shadows

S2.E7 Light and Shadows

Light And Shadows was a supremely action-driven episode in an already action-driven series, though the stakes were personal on many levels – Pike dealing with kind-of-survivor’s guilt and his suspicions regarding Tyler, while Michael faced going back to Vulcan in an attempt to find her wayward brother.

There was nothing new narratively about putting two characters who don’t trust each other in a tight space (metaphorically and literally) but by having Pike and Tyler face Certain Death together meant they had to find common ground, even if that was temporary. Pike dismissed Tyler’s claim that he sought danger because he felt guilty about missing the war, but eventually admitted he’d been right. Given that Tyler’s other statement was regarding the Red Angel’s motivation, perhaps our Klingon-human-whatever-he-is still has good insights.

Despite featuring heavily, little was learned about the Time Rift (two words I cannot write without thinking of Doctor Who and Torchwood.) We know the Red Angel is from the future, but it’s not been established whether the rift was caused accidentally… or by design. One thing is clear – the modified probe that connected to the Discovery’s database has also Done Something to augmented Airiam. Is there now a sleeper agent of some description aboard the star ship?

Meanwhile, Michael found that Amanda has been lying to her, Starfleet and Sarek, and knew exactly where Spock was. He is not doing well – Michael finds him constantly repeating the first law of logic, as well as a series of numbers that no one can decipher. Sarek followed his wife and expressed disapproval of her deception, revealing possible fractures in their marriage. He ordered Michael to take Spock to Section 31, a directive she reluctantly obeyed.

Here, Captain Leland gave Michael his word that Section 31 only wants what’s best for Spock, but Georgiou took her to one side and told her otherwise. Michael’s been burnt by the Mirror Verse Georgiou before and, while she took her at her word, knew there was some reason for revealing Captain ‘s true intentions. And indeed there was an aside between the two operatives where she told him that she was aware of his role in the deaths of Michael’s parents. Georgiou is clearly playing a very obscure long game.

Light and Shadows ended with the shuttle’s computer finding a reference that fitted with the numbers Spock kept on reciting; being the coordinates for Telos VI – a planet that watchers of the original series would have recognised immediately. Which begs the question of how those events are going to be folded into Discovery’s tale – and whether the writers can manage this while keeping the two series separate.

All in, this was a fabulous episode, and I continue to really like Pike and his dry sense of humour. Tilly remains Tilly, and I love how her relationship with Stamets is evolving. Tyler, however, is nagging me. He doesn’t seem fully S31 but by the same token is not fully on the side of the Discovery either. I can’t decide if he’d trying to play both sides equally or if there’s something else going on. It’s interesting that, when endangered, he reverted to speaking Klingon despite claiming that there’s little of Voq left. Hmm, really Ash?

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