Shows I can’t wait to watch!

With just one week to go before the new series of Doctor Who, I thought I’d share what I’m excited about watching this autumn/winter.

Doctor Who Obviously. I can still remember literally screaming with joy when Jodie Whittaker was announced. I’ve avoided most spoilers – only allowing myself to catch the official trailers – and I am beyond excited. We’ve a female Doctor and a mix of companions that’s not been seen in New Who, aside from The Journey’s End, and with a new showrunner and composer, the new series definitely feels very new.

Star Trek Discovery Not airing until January, I cannot wait to rejoin Michael Burnham and crew. Especially as the last episode saw the Discovery responding to a hail from the Enterprise. I’ve seen clips of Anson Mount as Pike and he is perfect. I am going to miss Lorca, though.

The Good Place Netflix is on to season 3, but I have to admit to being a little behind. Okay, a lot – I’ve not even cracked open season 2 yet. I keep getting distracted by shiny things! I’m looking forward to having a serious binge at some point!

Good Omens Oh my God (pun intended) am I looking forward to this! I absolutely loved the Gaiman/Pratchett book, and every cast announcement left me squealing with glee. And David Tennant finally got to be ginger! *giggles*

Personal Space If you haven’t seen this Amazon series yet, I suggest you go watch it immediately! Set on a starship travelling into deep space, the therapy sessions designed to monitor the crew are also being broadcast to Earth (unbeknown to the crew) as a reality show. I’m not sure when series 2 is being filmed, never mind aired, but I’m still excited about it. Possibly because it’ll feature Cliff Simon more…

Final Space Another show whose next season I’m unsure about the airing of. I stumbled on this animated Netflix show and was immediately hooked. But that last episode… gosh, it was a kicker. It also ended on a cliffhanger and I need to know more!

What shows are you looking forward to seeing?

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